Saturday, July 31

Agency Theory

Tasks and resources 

  • Agency Theory Flipped

  • Read the extracts from Milgram himself (Obedience to Authority, 1974) 

    Extracts from Obedience to Authority

  • Use this material and the textbook to make structured notes into your workbook on Agency Theory. You will need:
    • Description of the theory (A01)
    • Evaluation of the theory (A03) – you can still use GRAVE-c but link each A03 to a piece of A01
    • Create flash cards for the theory
  • Prepare to answer the questions at the bottom in class (i.e. learn the material!!)
  • Extension: Find out about Mandel’s (1988) criticism of Milgram using Battalion 101 – a WWII German battalion (look down page for Battalion 101).

Typical Questions

  1. Anna has just qualified as a doctor from medical school. She is working her local hospital A&E in her first job. While talking to a extremely distressed patient (a young girl about 6 years old), Anna is interrupted by senior doctor and told she has to immediately come and help deal with another, but non-urgent, case.
    1. Use agency theory to explain why Anna might obey the instruction. (3)
    2. Why might Anna not immediately obey? (2)
    3. Anna doesn’t realize it, but she’s part of a study to look at obedience in junior doctors. The senior doctor is actually a confederate of the experimenter. The researchers find that 9/12 junior doctors obey immediately.
      1. Express the result as a percentage (1)
      2. Express the result as a ratio (1)
  2. Assess how well agency theory explains Milgram’s results. (8)