Saturday, July 31

Milgram’s obedience studies and variations

Tasks and Resources

Note: for lots more detail see the PsychologyWizard and SimplyPsychology pages.

  1. Find 4 important facts about Milgram’s life that influenced his work
  2. Watch the video (also try to watch Experimenter – it’s extraordinary)
  3. Read through:

    LO TBAT Milgram Outline Eval Variations.pptx

    Milgram’s main study (variation 5) and the three variations

  4. Make structured notes into your workbook on Milgram. You will need:
    • Description of the main study (A01) – APRC
    • Description of the three variations (A01) – APRC
    • Evaluation of Milgram’s work (A03) – GRAVE-C – link each A03 to a piece of A01
  5. Create flash cards for Milgram’s original study, variations and evaluation
  6. Prepare to answer the questions at the bottom in class (i.e. learn the material!!)

Typical Questions

  1. Describe the procedure and results from the original Milgram experiment. (6)
  2. Give two conclusions from the original Milgram experiment. (2)
  3. You will have studied three of Milgram’s variations to his original baseline experiment. Evaluate these three variations in terms of what they might help us understand about obedience behaviour. (12)

Hint: ‘evaluate’ means = describe a bit of the study, evaluate that bit (strength vs weakness) – repeat the process – then do a final balanced conclusion/judgement.

See the support section of this site for help on essay technique, exam command words, and assessment objectives.