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Learning Content

The three theories

You need to be able to describe, apply and evaluate three main learning theories: classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and social learning theory. You need to know how behaviour modelling and token economies can be used to change behaviour. You also need to be able to evaluate the Pavlov and Bandura studies.

Tasks and Resources

Practice Questions

  1. With use of experimental evidence, evaluate the classical and operant theories of human learning behaviour. (12)
  2. Compare two explanations of learning behaviour. Comparison means looking at similarities and differences. (6)
  3. Describe how social learning theory works. (6)
  4. Explain two strengths and two weaknesses of social learning theory. (4 + 4)

Pavlov and Bandura

You need to be able to fully evaluate the Pavlov and Bandura series of studies.

Tasks and Resources

Read through and make notes in your workbook using the following slides (video links are contained with the slides to help you):

Practice Questions

  1. Assess how scientific Pavlov’s work on learning was. (8)
  2. Evaluate the Bandura studies on learning aggression. (12)




You need to be able to understand what phobias are, how the three main learning theories explain them, and how they can be treated using systematic desensitisation and flooding/implosion therapy.

Tasks and Resources

Practice Questions

  1. Explain what a phobia is and what the three different phobia types are. (4)
  2. Evaluate the different explanations of phobia development that the learning approach offers. (12)
  3. Julia thinks her friend Matt has developed a phobia of cheese. Matt cannot bear to be in the same room as a piece of cheese (even when in a sealed package). Discuss how effective and appropriate systematic desensitisation and one other phobia therapy of your choice would be in treating Matt. (12)

Individual differences and Developmental Psychology

The learning approach has some very clear implications for individual differences and development.


LO Individual diffs and Dev in LA

Practice Question

Discuss, using evidence, how the learning approach explains  individual differences and developmental psychology