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Contemporary study – Carlsson – Role of Neurotransmitters in Schizophrenia

Tasks and Resources


  • Read the short article on Serotonin and Schizophrenia
  • Print out (double sided) the flip cards and test yourself: 

    Carlsson Flash Cards.pdf

  • Work through the revision exercise to strengthen your knowledge in writing: 

    Revision Exercise for carlsson et al

  • Put your material together to create a poster on Carlsson. Cover
    • Aims
    • How the study was conducted
      • What was the actual method (see the exam tip on page 340)
      • What kinds of studies were reviewed
    • The main findings/results from the study
    • The main conclusions from the study
    • GRAVE (2 P/E for each and balanced) evaluate the study.
  • Use the resources above and the textbook to make structured notes into your workbooks on this study. You will need:
    • Description (A01) – make sure you get full details here of aims, method etc.
    • Evaluation (A03) – GRAVE-C – link each A03 to a piece of A01
    • Judgments/conclusions – overall what does the evidence suggest about the value/reliability/etc. of this study?
  • Plan and write an answer to the question below.
  • Find your own resource to investigate this work further – here are some suggestions:

Typical Question/s

  1. Evaluate your contemporary study in schizophrenia from Clinical Psychology. (20)

See the 20 mark evaluate guidance from Edexcel: 

 LBMS guidance_2015 Specs_v1.5.pdf