Saturday, July 31

Clinical Practical

Clinical Practical

You need to run a summative content analysis of two different sources for this practical.

Your practical aim is to use two different films to examine how depictions of mental illness in the media have changed over time.

The two films you will use are: Girl, Interrupted – and One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest

The stages involved in a summative analysis are:

  • Transcribe the film clip
  • Define the keywords
  • Analyse the film material for the keywords for the manifest content
  • Analyse the material for the latent content (meanings)

Notes on content analysis types:

Conventional content analysis: code categories from analysing raw data

Directive content analysis: when you get the categories from previous research and apply to the raw data

Summative: count frequency of keywords/terms or content in the data. You can work out the keywords before you conduct the analysis or during.