Saturday, July 31

Clinical Key Question

Information and Tasks

The key question for clinical psychology is: how are mental health issues portrayed in the media?

Some TV shows / films you might want to watch that are relevant (and will make you think deeply about this issue). There is a massive, if possibly inaccurate list, on Wikipedia.

Films: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Girl, Interrupted; Split; Shine

TV: 13 reasons why (warning – this is very controversial on a teenage suicide), Shameless (the character Ian is bipolar)

Work through the following tasks to develop your understanding of the key question:

  1. Read through this slide presentation: 

    LO TBAT outline KQ in clinical psych

  2. Watch: 

  1. Resources you can use:
    1. – look at section 4.1 for the Signorelli (1989) study
    2. – content analysis on mental illness and the media
    3. – the Time to Change report on the media
    4. – the Time to Change report – see the Executive Summary on page 3
  2. Use the questions and links in this document to help you research the issue: 

    Clinical KQ: how are mental health issues portrayed in the media

Typical Exam Question

You will have studied a key question in clinical psychology. Discuss your key question in terms of it’s relevance to modern society. (20)