Saturday, July 31

The DSM IV and ICD 10

The DSM IV and ICD 10

Tasks and Resources

  1. Read through: 

    DSM IV and ICD Flipped

  2. Ensure you’ve done the DSM IV exercise in the presentation above: 

    Trying out a DSM IV diagnosis

  3. Watch: 
  4. For the history of the DSM IV: 
  5. Make structured notes into your workbook on the DSM IV and ICD 10. You will need:
    • Description (A01)
    • Evaluation (A03) – GRAVE-C – link each A03 to a piece of A01
  6. Create flash cards for the DSM IV and ICD 10
  7. Prepare the 20 mark question below

Typical exam question

To what extent could the DSM and ICD-10 be considered to be valid and reliable when diagnosing mental illness. (20)

See the 20 mark “to what extent” mark guidance from Edexcel: 

LBMS guidance_2015 Specs_v1.5.pdf