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Culture and Diagnosis

Culture and Diagnosis

Tasks and Resources

What might be a common, acceptable behavior in one culture might well be seen as indicating a disorder in another. You need to be able to discuss how culture can impact diagnosis of mental illness. Disorders found only in one culture are called culture-bound syndromes.

  1. Work through the culture and diagnosis poster exercise: 

    Clinical Psychology Define 4ds and culture

  2. Explore links such as: and the Coursera video on culture and mental health (Lecture 4-4 is especially useful)
  3. Use your textbook resources to find out more depth and detail about culture and diagnosis – and the evaluation (strengths/weaknesses)
  4. Make structured notes into your workbooks. You will need:
    • Description (A01)
    • Evaluation (A03) – GRAVE-C – link each A03 to a piece of A01
  5. Create flash cards for the 4 Ds
  6. Prepare to answer the 20 mark question at the bottom in class (i.e. learn the material!!)

Typical Question/s

  • Discuss the impact of culture on the diagnosis of mental illness. (20)

See the 20 mark discuss mark guidance from Edexcel: 

LBMS guidance_2015 Specs_v1.5.pdf