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Biological Content

CNS and Synaptic Tranmission

You need to be able to describe the role of the CNS in human behaviour, and outline/evaluate the evidence for the process of synaptic transmission. This includes understanding the structure of the neuron.

Tasks and Resources

Practice Questions

  1. Describe the role that the CNS plays in human behaviour. (4)
  2. Evaluate the process of synaptic transmission. Include action potential in your explanation. (12)
  3. Draw and label two neurons. (6)

Recreational drugs

You need to be able to understand the brain reward system, and outline the impact of two recreational drugs on the human brain.

Tasks and Resources

Practice Questions

  1. Outline how the brain reward system leads to addiction. (4)
  2. Janine is considering experimenting with recreational drugs at university. Using two recreational drugs, explain to Janine the potential impact of using these drugs on her brain. (8)

Brain structure

Tasks and Resources

  • Use the FINR website to find out about brain structure (following the outline in your workbook).
  • Create your own flashcards on brain structure – use images on the flashcards to help you
  • Complete the revision exercise attached here:
  • Extend your understanding by looking at Roger Sperry’s split brain studies – he won the Nobel prize for this work.

Example Questions

  1. Outline the main functions of each of these lobes of the brain: frontal lobe, parietal lobe, temporal lobe, occipital lobe. (8)
  2. Outline the main functions/roles of the prefrontal cortex and limbic system. (4)
  3. Describe the main structures of the limbic system together with their functions. (8).