Tuesday, June 2

Classic Study – Rosenhan (1973) – On Being Sane in Insane Places

Tasks and Resources

  1. Try out the play with 2-3 friends/family – there’s a chocolate prize for the best audio/film version: 

    Rosenhan play.docx

  2. Watch the three videos on Rosenhan:

  • Listen to the All In The Mind Podcast on this study
  • For more support look at the very clear APRCE summary on the Holah site
  • Use the textbook, videos, and any other resources you find (there’s absolutely loads of it on the internet – but make sure you can trust it for accuracy) to make structured notes into your workbooks on Rosenhan. You will need:
    1. Description (A01) – make sure you get full details here of participants, method etc.
    2. Evaluation (A03) – GRAVE-C – link each A03 to a piece of A01
    3. Judgments/conclusions – overall what does the evidence suggest about the value/reliability/etc. of this study?
  • Create flash cards for Rosenhan
  • Put your material together to create a poster on Rosenhan– cover APRCE, the material you found in your own research and anything else relevant to this study (e.g. How Mad Are You, stickiness of labels for mental illness)
  • Ensure you are ready to discuss the issues that this study raises!
  • Extensions:
    • Rosenhan’s conclusions and methodology have been challenged. Visit FrontierPsychiatrist to find a discussion; produce a brief summary of your findings
    • – watch the BBC documentary “A History of the Madhouse”

  • Prepare to answer the 20 mark question at the bottom in class (i.e. learn the material!!)

Typical Question/s

  1. To what extent did Rosenhan’s study impact diagnosis of mental illness? (20)

See the 20 mark evaluate “to what extent” guidance from Edexcel: 

 LBMS guidance_2015 Specs_v1.5.pdf